My Ethan and Bob
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Eva Metodi   —   7 years ago

My son Ethan got diagnosed with sever Autism when he was 2, in this time he regressed so fast and so violently he could not stand any sounds. He would hold his hands on his ears and cry until one day he heard Bob's famous song. Ethan stopped and listen, and then smiled something he hardly ever done. He now have amazing attraction to guitar sound , i am in a hotel on business leaving my boy behind for a week missing him like crazy when this picture is hanging on my wall in the hotel room, never the less Bob is leaning on a fence saying in Hebrew "police" my mother tongue . It made me cry. Bob was a very important part of Ethan's healing it helped him in his worst times when he was so sick. Ethan is still Autistic but getting better everyday, i wish one day Ethan will play the guitar like Bob does. Bob was an angel in Ethan's and our journey to win Ethan back. We owe Bob forever.

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