Like every leaf that trembles, like every grain of sand.
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Linda Burnam   —   9 years ago

I was born 15 days before your 15th birthday . I didn't know much about you except that I liked tambourine man until I was 11 years old. In Dec 1967 I was on a bus headed to winter camp when young counselor with a guitar started singing "Blowing in the wind". I had just started writing poetry after being inspired by Robert Frost and Shakespeare. When I heard BITW I asked who wrote it. I remember thinking if not saying 'I want to write songs like that someday!'. My mom got me a guitar and lessons for my 12th birthday. I had one lesson before the teacher was killed in a sky diving accident. I was told he was smoking marijuana before the jump and did not open his parachute. I tried to write songs. What I really wanted then was a tape recorder. Unfortunately I did not get one and it was a while before I realized that I could not sing or play. I still can't carry a tune. I sound fine to myself until I hear a recording. However I did like to write and I got some encouragement in writing poetry. Meanwhile I enjoyed your songs when I heard them on the radio or someone else singing them.
My childhood was nothing like yours. My life was nothing like yours. I can't write my life story
here even though I think it is quite interesting. When I think of your line"I try real hard to be just like I am but everybody wants me to be just like them"... I was kind of the polar opposite. Everybody wanted me to be just like them and I tried but I couldn't be. I was introduced to Jesus when I was 15.
You were always one of my favorite artists. In 1980 I was married and pregnant with my second son. I was working part time as a desk clerk .I I I heard "Saved" on the radio on my way home from work. I was so blessed! From then on I have considered you my alltime favorite artist! I got a cheep homemade guitar at a flee market as a gift from my first husband when I turned 30. A freind who was a big fan of yours taught me how to play a little. One of the first songs I learned was "Don't think Twice" I didn't play for long before I got divorced and had to work full time and be a mom full time. Your music and your lyrics are a part of me. Recently on the Fan Club on Facebook someone asked "What Dylan lyrics best discover you?" It was not hard to choose. .. "Every Grain of Sand" I wrote a poem when I was a teen
"I am a grain of sand moving constantly,
changing with the movement of the sea.
As minute as I Am I have a purpose so to be."
Thank You! & Happy Birthday!

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    Linda - 9 years ago
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    Linda - 9 years ago
    I had the best Birthday, Mother's Day on May 10th ....I was driving across Kansas to get to KC Music Hall to see you! Thank You I loved every minute of it!!!! In 10 days I drove over 5000 miles through 11 states and you were with me every mile????
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