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Kevin Christopher   —   8 years ago

he year was 1970 and first I had lost my older brother in a terrible accident and months letter my mother passed away from grief. Which left a 12 year old boy wondering why and those I still had my other brothers I was very depressed and possibly suicidle. This is were dylan's music had come along thru my older brothers. I was a beatle fan but I kept hearing these songs that sounded better with your eyes closed that had words that painted pictures of life and when I was at my worst this song came on and people would probably think that I heard like a rolling stone but know that wasn't the song not even close it was desolation row and when I heard this song I thought man thats how I feel and I walked 6 miles to the only music store I knew of and they only had 1 dylan album on the shelve and it was his greatest hits # 2 which didn't have my song on it. But I wore that record out it probably 3 weeks and that was it for me. 3 weeks later my older brother drove me to tower records and I bought 3 dylan albums and I got the song that I was yearning for since I heard it for the first time and I have seen dylan live 58 times and he has always moved me with the way he writes his songs and the way he delivers his songs and they keep saying that this person is the next dylan but there will never be another Bob Dylan and for that I say my life would of been missing something without him and when he is gone this world would lose a one of a kind GENIUS...

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