Freedom and Dreams for a Young Girl
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Mindy A. Boysen   —   8 years ago

I'm Mindy and I have a very good friend, Carol, who has been a big fan of Bob Dylan's since he came on the scene. She and her sisters had to play and clean quietly unless the stepmother was out for the day. They would sneak music or T.V. while they were doing chores to help it go faster. They would try to have everything turned off before the stepmother was back. However, upon arriving, she would feel the television to see if it was warm, and of course it would be. Things like that would bring the beatings and punishments on. Carol still has problems from when the stepmother thumped her head against a brick wall.
Then Carol told me of the time that she heard the young man, Bob Dylan who had just come on the scene at that time. She listened to his music and was thrilled. It was then that she realized that she did not have to put up the abuse and her situation. She started defending herself and fighting back!
To this day, even if I have heard it a few times, I like it when she will say, "Bob Dylan's music saved my life, you know." Then I will just blissfully sit and let her tell it again. I know that an autograph would just thrill her. Is that possible?

Thanks for lending an ear, and for letting me share her story with others.

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