For all your inspiration

Lara   —  

Dear Hillary,

I remember that all our television shows were very busy with the election in the US, which makes me laugh a little cause I am from the Netherlands but it was like it was our election. I didn’t complain though. My interest in politics grew over the years and even friends or classmates came to me for advice or an opinion.

I suffered from an eight-year during depression and that was the moment I learned we really have to help people with mental illness and speak more about mental health. It's such a important subject and it's so underestimated what depression can do to somebody's life.

You became such a big inspriration for me. I was already a big fan of your husband, Bill Clinton. As a politician, I think he really is genius. I saw you in a interview and I was really impressed. That’s the moment I knew I wanted to know more about you. I started buying your books and began watching YouTube videos of your debates and interviews. I watched documentaries and I learned more about you, and as time went by, I knew I found a woman who I can count on. Your work as a lawyer really impressed me, all the things you did for women and children. Not only in America, but all over the world.

As the election went further, I started talk to my mom and other people around me about you. The thing that amazed me was that the people who didn’t like you just didn’t know all the things you did. When I shared all I knew about you, most changed their minds about you. I was absolutly gutted when you didn’t win the election. I stayed up all night drinking lots of coffee and I felt hopeful. In my mind, you really deserved to be the first female president of the United States.

After the election, I felt a lot of anger but I found a group of people who are just as much a fan of you as I am. We talked a lot and shared our ideas and thoughts. In March, I proudly walked the Women’s March in Amsterdam. I came with my Muslim friend and when I joined this amazing group of people, it was like coming home. I knew I belonged there. Just to speak up, proudly standing for human rights, for building bridges and not walls. All because of you Hillary! Thank you so much, for everything you did for the world. I hope one day I can work in the US, helping other people, working for the Democrats and for the Clinton Foundation.

“Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as you can." My favorite quote. I hope one day I have the honor to meet you.

Lara Homan