There Is Nothing I Can't Do

Jasmin   —  

Dear Hillary,

I remember it so clearly. It was November 8th and I was getting ready to go bed. I live in Denmark and we’re 6 hours before US time, so my parents wouldn’t let me stay up. I did though. I remember laying in my bed, following the polls on my Ipad and drinking lots of coffee to stay awake. I felt confident that everything would turn out fine. That you would win and I would never have to care about Donald Trump ever again. Then it started to look bad. Fast forward to the morning. I got up and got to school. The result still wasn’t official, but everyone knew how it would end. My first class that day was English, so we watched his victory speech. I felt so gutted. I couldn’t believe what was happening. No one could.

It took me a long time to see anything positive about what happened. But now, as I look back, maybe this was best. Not for the US or the world, but it has triggered a wave of women running for office and standing up for what they believe. We might have lost the battle, but we’re winning the war. I can’t say it enough, we can’t say it enough, but thank you. Thank you for leading the way. Thank you for inspiring millions of people around the world. Thank you for standing up for what you believe. You have inspired me to stand up for what I believe, no matter how hard it is.

“Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it."