Ashley   —  

Dear Hillary,

Though I am not an American, I have been inspired by you. Watching you throughout the past few years during the election and learning about what you have done to help people throughout your life has inspired me tremendously. Making change isn't just about talking and saying what we want to do. It isn't all pretty and sugar-coated as some people want to think. It involves hard work that often goes unseen.

I want to thank you for all the hard work that you have done throughout your life to help other people, both in your country and around the world. So often what you have done goes unappreciated, but those of us who know will not forget, and will not stop telling others. It isn't fair that you have done so much for others yet are still constantly attacked over things that didn't even happen, and I'm sorry to say that I know some people who believe some of those things.

However, I will not stop telling them what really is the truth. Because the truth is that you have inspired me. As I'm not American, what is going on in your country right now is out of my control, but I have been given a new desire to hold my government accountable for its actions. I want to make sure that my government is doing its best to fight climate change, to push for equal rights for all, to help students get an education, and so much more.

So thank you for being who you are, and for sharing your ideas and goals with the world. It has not gone unnoticed and you have inspired people to do all the good they can, even outside the borders of the United States.

Thank you,

A Canadian Friend