To MY Role model

Nina   —  

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Even though my story and what you mean to me is not nearly as important as the stories others are telling, I still wanted to put my feelings into words. Over the last year a lot has changed for me. While little more than a year ago I would have described myself as a typical disillusioned 16-year-old German girl who was fed up with politics and didn’t believe in anything, I am now a strong believer in political action and I have faith in the future of humanity and what we can accomplish. The catalyst for that was you.

I became aware of many issues we still face today, such as sexism and xenophobia. At the same time I started believing in our ability to change things. Your constant determination, focus, and strong will to change things for the better are an inspiration to me. I started working harder at school and voicing my political opinion even though my family is very conservative. I finally owned up to being gay and became proud of it. The last year marked a point of transformation in my life, and while it didn’t end the way I so desperately wanted it to, I am so glad that you became my role model.

I hope that you know that you and your message were and are an incredible inspiration to many. What you accomplished changed your country and the world for the better. I will forever be thankful for everything you have done.