We will never give up, we will PERSIST, you deserve it

Ainhoa   —  

I must admit that when the elections began I didn't know who Hillary Clinton was. I had heard things about Bill Clinton, but I didn't know much. But then one day I read something about a Donald Trump and that he wanted to build a wall and many other things and then it was when I threw myself into this elections. I read and read and found out who Hillary Clinton was, and I grew more and more fond of her every time I read or heard something about her on TV. Her work and her life are absolutely fascinating, and something we should all learn from.

And then the day came, and I just couldn't understand how this had happened, there was too much pain to actually see what had happened. The days went by and I knew she had to come back, I knew she would come back. She did. And on that day she didn't give up on us, I knew it was time to do something for her. I'm not from the USA (I'm from Spain), but Hillary's work has helped so many people all over the world that I knew it was our time, and it doesn't matter where you are from, what color your skin is, your religion, your sex... I've defended her from what the people have said about her in my country, and I refuse to give up. She has given me that courage I needed to go on.

I'm currently suffering from bullying in my school, and if it hadn't been for her I would have given up a long time ago. She's what I needed, she's what we all need. She fought for us and I will fight for her, forever and always. I might not get to see her as President of the US, but I'm going to do everything in my power to help whoever follows her to the White House, because that glass ceiling needs to be broken, and it will, soon. I believed, believe and will always believe in Hillary Rodham Clinton, and I will follow her footsteps until the day I die. I'm still with her.