Who but you, Hillary Clinton?

Luis Angel Rosa   —  

Hillary Clinton,

We all go through life when a memory of a certain events which will bring a hurtful pang to our hearts, a chill to the bone or tears to your eyes. This will happen when something triggers that event has really affected you in sometime in your life and it comes back to mind. For myself and most people it can be a beloved family member’s death. I have been through that, but also for me was my experience living in New York that eventful day of September 11. The worst was experiencing, in real-time, the horror of watching those poor people falling and another was the aftermath of witnessing the families of those lost in search of their love ones. That was a devastating day for me and many others. And to add to that, was the horrible burning smell and smoke that lasted for more than a month. A truly memorable time. And I also remember that I was scared of planes flying overhead for a while and it also took me awhile to getting used to that missing structure and part of the New York skyline, the World Trade Center, the Twin Towers.

And now here we are in 2017 and going through another kind of hurtful pang, living with the hurtful pang in my heart of what would've, could've been: a Madame President Hillary Clinton. Of you Hillary, taking your rightful place as number forty-five. And worse, having to be reminded every day of the living horror of an inhumane person like Donald Trump in office and in your rightful place. To be reminded every single day, especially with all his crazy, inadequate responses and actions while the President. All his unprofessional actions, a President Man-Child in the White House.

You, Hillary Clinton, have always been an extraordinary woman for me. For as long as I can remember, I've admired you and your dedication and professionalism as the First Lady and afterwards as a senator for me while living in New York. As a Hispanic man born in Brooklyn, New York fifty-eight years ago and currently living in Reading, Pennsylvania.

I've seen fakes and political charlatans, seen plenty of politicians come and go. And you don't see them using their political links and power to continue the good work (except, of course, for the wonderful charitable work done by the Carters. How many houses have they help build for the homeless?) Good real people are they, but we also always had you, Hillary, making every effort to stay in the public eye and do your best within your powers in your pursuit to help those people and children in need. That's the why I've always admired you.

You have been working with Ted Kennedy on Healthcare for everyone for many years. I went without healthcare for years. It was so expensive, and I really needed to see a doctor knowing I was becoming diabetic, and I just couldn't afford it.

I never believed all the desperate and nasty stories about you by the Republicans. That was all an obvious and organized discrediting of you. They were so obvious in their pursuit of destroying you in their fear. And so much effort to ruin your husband Bill Clinton. The hounding of you both completely unprecedented. I know, of course, no one is perfect, and everyone has their faults, but you, Hillary, chose to help with healthcare for the needy and children and in my book that was something really important.

Believe it or not, I've taken the legal guardianship of one foster care child and have plans of adopting of three boys with special needs. And believe me, it's not easy getting help for them on health care and meeting their medication needs. Getting the proper help for them has always been problematic. My adopted autistic son Trevor had to go for a whole year without a prescribed seizure medication, a medication that had worked wonders in controlling his seizures. But because the insurance company refused it give it to him, all because of the high price, he proceeded to have multiple uncontrollable seizures and he had to be admitted into the hospital for 5 days with uncontrollable seizures! That was when the hospital intervened and forced the insurance company to supply his medication. Lots of funding for these services are eliminated and it's not always easy to get help for my boys!

Let me say right here I'm not complaining; I've chosen to take care of these boys. I just want to do right by them and give them the best care. I want to give them a decent home. I feel they deserve that. They don't belong in overcrowded institutions; they have a right to live within a home family setting. My work with special needs, people for 35+ years has taught me a lot. All in different capacities and services and trust me they go a lot without needed services, even here in America.

I also feel my modern family isn't unique. Many families are taking on children even when they have children of their own. I know you, Hillary, would've done your best to help these children and families like ours here and around the world! I hate seeing children and their mothers suffer so much! It's difficult enough to care for a child as it is…and worse without the proper support and services!

When you first ran eight years ago against Obama, I was definitely for you and had even given money for your race to the White House, something I never did before. And I spoke in support of you, feeling that you should become our president as you had so much more experience and after all the damage done by President Bush and especially with the support and guidance by given by your husband Bill Clinton. Both of you having so much experience, it would've been great watching you restore the country after the Bush disaster and then in 2016 to continue with Obama's great work.

But my and many a dream was broken last November. It was horrible having to see you lose to such a man like Trump. It's still so difficult to accept a broken heart once again and to see you lose like that – so unfair. You had so many more votes! What a waste of your professional skills and what pride and happiness we would've had you being our president, our first woman president!
It's been a horrible strain of the mind everyday watching the Trump debacles and thinking of all the good that would've been done by now with you, Hillary, in charge. Every day the Republicans look the other way and ignore his crazy behavior. This is truly, truly heartbreaking and my hurtful pangs will continue.

But still, there's another kind of pang, a faint and good kind of pang in my heart which will still brings a smile to my face...Would you Hillary consider running again? I know it's a lot to ask, but still...

Who but you, Hillary Clinton...?