Nancy ThomasDonaldson   —  

Dear Hillary,

It has been difficult for me to move on since this election. I feel like I woke up to an ongoing nightmare. I was excited the day of the election because I knew you would be the clear winner. I had just come back from knocking on doors in Iowa, settling in at home and downloading your theme song (Hear Me Roar.) I danced to the music and watched your last rally with then President Obama. Then I waited for the numbers to start coming in. They started coming in slowly then all of a sudden Trump was in the lead. He continued to be in the lead so I said to myself, I will just go to sleep and wake up and then you will be President. To my surprise the nightmare continued because they announced Trump as the 45th President. I kept the faith until the electoral college vote. I researched to find out who these people were and tried to contact them. I have never felt so helpless. I have resolved that you will not be President in name. I have not overcome the fear that our democracy has been compromised. Now I wait everyday hoping somehow democracy will prevail. I am hoping that the real patriots will stand up, will fix this mess we are in. I don't think we can wait until 2018. You ran an excellent campaign and you should be the President, period. That is all I know and I can't be convinced of anything else. God Bless you and keep you.