from my heart to yours

Olivia Wilson   —  

Dearest Hillary,
First of all I want you to know that I am writing this letter from the bottom of my heart and soul. You have such a positive impact on my life and it means so much to me to be able to reach out to you. I have tried to contact you during your campaign, I’ve sent an email to and I actually received a very heartfelt response from your campaign staff, which I truly appreciate but I wanted to reach out to you directly. Of course I understand that it was not possible for you to answer my letter personally.
My name is Olivia and I am 32 years old. I live in Vienna, Austria so I was unfortunately not able to vote in the US, but I have a lot of friends over there and I am travelling a lot to the United Sates to spend my vacation there and meet with some friends. I love(d) this country but as you sure know my heart has broken on November 8th. I am working a lot and I really love being an export manager in one of Austria’s finest companies :) (we export to the United States too). Just like you I am very passionate about what I am doing and I am putting my heart and soul into my work.
Hillary, I don’t know where to start when it comes to the role you play in my life. You are an immense inspiration to me.
You make me so proud to be a woman and listening to your speeches and listening to you in interviews gives me enormous strength and pride. You make me so proud because you are a true fighter and a hardworking, passionate person. You make me proud because you are the finest Secretary of State and one of the classiest first ladies ever. You make me proud because you always stay true to yourself and listen to your inner voice when it comes to making hard decisions. I have not only the highest regard for you as a person but also for your hard work and stamina. You make me proud because you are a woman of strong faith and prayer - just like me. I also love your sense of humor. This is definitely something we both have in common. :) Hillary, regardless the (horrible) outcome of this election you have taught me so many things. You are an absolute role model to me. I took 2 days off from work to be sure that I can watch the election live and my heart broke in thousands of pieces regarding this outcome. But you know what? I know from my own life that unfortunately very often people get into positions that they don’t deserve. I truly believe that Donald Trump does definitely not deserve this victory. Neither has he worked hard, nor is he qualified but unfortunately – just like in the most big companies – the people who become leaders are not those who work the hardest, are the most passionate or have the most experience in their field. No. They become leaders because they have their relationships to those where the money is - and in my opinion this is the case with Donald Trump. But as you said he deserves and open mind and the chance to do (hopefully) his best. We all know that this election was stolen from you. But I am sure that God will judge...

I know - and the world knows that too, that you would have been the best President this country has ever seen. And you truly are one of the best leaders the world has ever seen. You are a classy lady and a true role model for the world. I am heartbroken and hearing you giving that speech I was in tears- I could not stop crying and I think I will not stop for a long time. I am so proud of you and of the way you gave this speech. You are a unique and strong woman and I think and I know that women all over world - including myself will follow your example. Please be sure that this fight was, as you said, so worth it. Hillary. I feel very fortunate because I have the chance to support you and overall this campaign was a wonderful experience for me. I have learned a lot. Be sure that I am going to support and love you for the rest of my life.
I am very privileged because I had the chance to spend some time with one of my greatest idols ever, Ms. Whitney Houston. I will carry on her legacy and will continue to shine her light on to the world for the rest of my life. I have never thought someone will ever –ever have the chance to come close to this experience I had with Whitney, but you have truly inspired me and enlightened my soul in a way nobody ever has before. This means more to me that you can ever imagine. I am currently reading “Hard Choices” and it helps me to deal with a lot of things in my personal life. I will start with “Living History” as soon as I have finished your other book – and I cannot wait :)
Hillary, please don’t stop. Don’t stop believing because I believe in you. You have made such a big and positive difference with your campaign and with your hard work and you are truly a light for our world. We need you and we love you. We are proud of you and you are our champion for being who you are. You are our hero and our light and love. Forever.
Every day before I go to work I am counting my blessings – and you are definitely one them! I am forever thankful for you, for all the great things you achieved and for giving me the power to believe in my dreams.
I hope you will find the time to read my letter and I believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

I really hope that I could touch your heart just like you have touched mine.
Please never stop believing in your dreams – the light you shine on to this world is brighter than you think.
God bless you and your family. Always.
Yours, Olivia

PS: Resist. Persist. Insist. Enlist. :)