What would Hillary do

Judy Wamsley   —  

Dear Hillary,

For a large part of my life, I was treated as if I was less of a human because I was a single mother. I became a mother at 16 and despite my family helping me support my child, I always felt pressured to choose between motherhood and my career. I've long struggled with that false choice the world presented me, especially when I found myself becoming an assistant at a local law firm. I enjoyed the work there and was treated with respect by all of my coworkers, I enjoyed it so much I began reading law books in my spare time. But when I would get home my parents would try to pursue me to quit my job and settle down.

There were many times when I almost gave in and quit my job for the sake of my child, my love for her is stronger than anything. But then there was Hillary Clinton. I was never political but I had followed her career closely since she was the first lady of Arkansas. She was strong, defiant and in control of own destiny. Whenever I thought I had to choose between being a mother and following my dreams, I asked myself, "what would Hillary do?" While I deeply respect women who choose to be a full-time stay at home mother, Hillary reminded me that I had options and my dreams were valid.

Thank you, Hillary.