Worldwide Admiration

Therese Nordén   —  

Hello Hillary,

Before the election last year, all I knew you as was Secretary of State. The U.S. election made headlines in Europe as well, including Sweden, where I am from. As well as America, Sweden has never had a female leader. Seeing you accept and run for president and learning about how you've always fought for what is right sent a message of hope to people worldwide. I loved seeing someone as passionate, educated, and levelheaded speak and move masses. I admire the strength you have to continue to fight for equal rights, and continuing to do so in an often very tough and unprofessional climate. You were always graceful, even when falsely attacked and portrayed as cold. I saw a documentary about how you were when you were in college, and they could not have been more wrong. As a young activist myself, it moved me to tears. I hope that one day the glass ceiling will be shattered worldwide. I wanted to simply thank you for being an excellent candidate and showing the world a bright and human face of politics. You inspired a great deal of people to continue the fight and to believe that we're stronger together. Thank you.

Therese Nordén