Forward Together

Lauren Saunders   —  

"We are stronger together and we will go forward together." When Hillary spoke these parting words during her concession speech, I felt anger. Not towards her but instead everyone who told me she was going to win. From media pundits to Nate Silver. From my family members who didn't vote because "Hillary had it in the bag" and optimistic strangers. I felt broken that night and I didn't feel "Stronger together." I felt let down.

On the days leading up to the Women's March, I cried my heart out and looked frequently to God to give me the strength to forgive. I thought it may be best for me to spend the day with my family or read instead of joining the protestors. On the day of the Women's March, I slept in, made myself a nice breakfast and sat on my porch with a nice book. A few hours passed and I felt quite content with my day despite skipping the march until I turned on the TV. All I could see was a sea of pink and my stomach dropped. Hundreds of thousands of women, arm in arm, were marching for their rights. As they zoomed in, some were crying, some were smiling, some looked stoic. I was inspired by the women but disappointed in myself for not participating.

Looking back now at this missed opportunity, I've since jumped at all opportunities presented to me to do good. Humankind is better off when we stand together and help one another, an important lesson Hillary reminded me of. Thank you, Hillary.