Raising the next Hillary Clinton

Chris   —  

I never considered myself a democrat until I became a father. Despite always leaning to the left, it wasn't until I had my first daughter that I realized that the Democratic party was the only one invested in her future. When Hillary Clinton ran for office in 2008, I was skeptical of her until I saw the impact she had on my eldest daughter. She asked me if girls were allowed to be president, a question that truly broke my heart. I answered her with a simple, "Of course sweetie." From that moment on she swore that if Hillary wasn't the first female president, she was going to be. My daughter's experience isn't unique from the other thousands of women and girls across the country who began to dream of something bigger for themselves because of Hillary. As a father of three girls, I want to raise them to never see their gender as a barrier to their dreams. They are not powerful "despite" being girls, they are powerful because they are girls.