Hillary inspired me to start my own non-profit

Julia Welch   —  

On November 9, I woke up with a heavy heart and the bitter taste of disappointment in my mouth. In the final days leading up to the election, I had volunteered in my local Polk County Democrat's location almost every day. During my time volunteering, I met so many awe-inspiring people, many of whom have had a profound effect on me. On November 9, I woke up heartbroken but it was the other volunteers who brought me back into politics.

We still get coffee as a group once a week and are looking now to form a small non-profit/group in our town focused on women's empowerment. I want to turn our heartbreak into action because I know that's what Hillary would have wanted from us. I want to help empower the next generation of Nasty Women who will follow in Hillary's footsteps.