Involved in san antonio, tx

Sandra Goodwin   —  

Dear Secretary Clinton:

Aside from voting I have never been very involved in politics. Once I heard you were running I wanted to understand the process better. I actually stepped up to be Precinct Chair for my district. I attended training sessions on what was involved. I met strong women who had actually worked for the former President Clinton in the White House. I was in awe of these talented and smart women, Dr. Lynda de la Vina and Choco Meza. I attended the Texas Democratic Convention all at the tender age of 63 years old. Why do you ask? Because I believed in your talents, intelligence, grace, your abilities to do the right thing, your incredible experience and NOT because you’re just a women. You just happened to be a woman that possesses the whole package. You are respected worldwide. I have no doubt that you would have exceptional for our country because you do love our country. The problem was some men are actually intimated by your intelligence and ability to do things.

I was so confident that you were going to win the election that I had made arrangements to attend your inauguration. I was going to drive up and I had booked my stay at an Air B&B in Maryland to watch you. I wasn’t planning on attending the inauguration parade, but I understand you will be there. So I may attend because of you. NO ONE ELSE. I decided while I’m up I do plan on attending the Women’s March on Washington. I bought new snow boots for the occasion too!

Anyway, you’re still my hero. God bless you and take good care of yourself.

Sandra Montanez Goodwin
San Antonio, TX