I'm still with her.

Michelle Wilby Friesenhahn   —  

Dear Hillary,

By now, I know you’ll have already picked yourself up, dusted off the grime of a grueling election, and have begun the process of moving on with the next great thing in your life.–– That’s what I learned from you…how to persevere. What guts, what heart you have shown us.

Thank you for your valiant support and leadership on women’s rights, and for the LGBT community; for the environment, for all oppressed minorities; for your defense of basic civility.

This country, for all its virtues, is still fundamentally and unfortunately a misogynistic culture. If you couldn’t be president with such stellar experience, credentials, and character, no woman could. For me, hell yes that makes me bitter. I will never accept the vulgar yam who won the election as my president…never will….And I will continue to let folks know “I’m still with her.”

I hope you will continue to do what makes you happy, whatever that may be. You deserve the best and that’s my hope and wish for you.

With much appreciation and admiration,

Michelle Wilby Friesenhahn