Growing Leaders
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Eric Gould Bear   —   6 years ago

Some of the companies at Capital Factory will make it big. Most won't. That's ok. More important than every venture going big is supporting the growth of the people who dedicate their lives to trying. As I see it, we're not just incubating businesses, but we're developing the next generation of leaders in our community.

When I choose a company to advise, I'm not just looking at the ideas and business viability. I'm looking at the founders and the opportunities to support their growth. It would be great if their current ventures go gangbusters. Regardless, I want to see that they learn enough to secure the next project an even better chance.

Every day brings new challenges. As long as the people involved keep their eyes open, seek out and make good use of coaching, learn from their mistakes, and tune their actions to navigate shifting tides, then we can sleep at night knowing we've got a solid population of aceable leaders.

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