Thanks for Calming Dad Down
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Cody Weaver   —   5 years ago

I often lose my phones, it drives dad up the wall. This particular time I was on a plan with insurance for the phone I had lost but you know how telecommunication companies are, the claim was going to be a battle. My Dad, he’s a stress head and was very frustrated with the whole situation, swearing at traffic and carrying on as we drove to the phone store.
My dad is the biggest Bob Dylan fan I’ve ever come across, he introduced me to your music and at about 14 I fell in love with you and your music. By writing your songs you have helped me and my dad be able to put aside our differences and listen to something uplifting together. It also gives us something to talk about and I have learnt a lot from these discussions. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these times.

So we’re driving, we’re miserable. And I put on “Last thoughts on Woody Guthrie”. We park and dad leaves it on until it finishes. Rare for a busy man to do. We are in awe. He is pumped. Filled up. Happy. Inspired. I’m outta trouble. Dad enthusiastically disects the poem. Our day completely changed for the better and I have this trick up my sleeve for countless days to come!

“you find god in the church of your choice, find woody Guthrie in Brooklyn state hospital, you find them both in Grand Canyon sundown”. Now I’m not the brightest spark but to me you bring it down to love and creativity. Grand Canyon sundown gives u hope because it was created with love and of course it’s beautiful, magnificent, awe-inspiring etc. Woody Guthrie’s body of work was created out of love and to you it is as magnificent the Grand Canyon sundown. (What an awesome word picture). Woody Guthrie said he hated a song that just made u feel down. Well I want you to know that every time I have listened to that 5 page poem I have felt a sense of awe, I have felt uplifted on my very darkest days. And I have felt honoured to be able to relate to how you feel sir! Thank you for articulating it for me. Your words have really made a positive impact on the course of my life. Thanks for helping me not to cop it from my dad too! Happy Birthday ❤️

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