Freewheelin Like a Rolling Stone
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Chase Cameron Carnahan   —   8 years ago

Mr Dylan,

There is so much in my life that I have learned from you without even meeting you.. When I say that you're my idol, I could not be more literal. The main thing you have taught me is that being comfortable isn't always great and it's necessary to broaden your horizons; try something new. I've always been inspired by how you delve into music and painting, appreciating and creating several forms of art for the sake of art itself and expression, not necessarily for fame. I also love how you never establish yourself within in an exclusive genre. You're always trying something new and I thank you for that. I am learning to live by this mantra through my own music as well as my own experiences in life.

Depending on what point of my life I'm in, I change out "my favorite Dylan record" just about every few months it seems. I will typically be going through something and just happen to feel and hear lyrics in a way I had never felt them when I started listening to these songs a long time ago. I'm currently relating to Freewheelin'. The bare simplicity and the mild, melancholy, sorrow seem to revolve around this Freewheelin' concept: being a rolling stone, moving off young to make something of yourself, dealing with the trials and tribulations of love and possibly leaving them behind. It is all connecting with me at this moment more so than it ever did.

I'm 21 and I just graduated college at Northwestern State University in Louisiana with a degree in music business. I've had the summer off but I plan on venturing on my own to Nashville, Tennessee to attend a sound recording school and make something of myself. It's scary, I won't lie. It sure has been a fruitful topic to write songs about. Luckily, I have this album of yours to get me by. Thanks for being my inspiration and writing music that I can relate to. You've inspired me to do the same as I venture out into the great unknown. I hope to meet you in person or see one of your shows, so I can finally thank you in person for inspiring me to be who I am today, regardless of what Dylan album I'm more into each month.

Chase Carnahan

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