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Austin Brown Dogs - Stories from Dog Parents

created by Sarah Welch

Austin is the largest no-kill city in the United States, and for many of us, our fur families are as near and dear as our biological families. In particular, it’s the rescue dogs—with all their quirks and neuroses and their boundless capacity for love—that enchant us most.

AUSTIN BROWN DOGS: THE SHELTER DOGS WHO RESCUE US celebrates that incredible bond between Austinites and our rescue dogs. Through contributed essays from adopters (along with photos of their beloved adoptees), this book illuminates the intimate stories of all the ways the dogs we’ve saved have rescued us.

Production of Austin Brown Dogs will be funded by donations from local dog lovers, and a portion of the proceeds will support local rescue dogs.

We have room for approximately 50 stories in our book—and many more on social media!

This is a Public Project. Anyone may add content and / or purchase a copy of the book.

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